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 HM Season 4

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smiley miley
smiley miley

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مُساهمةموضوع: HM Season 4   السبت أكتوبر 17, 2009 12:24 am

HM Season 4

*She Will Probably Start Filming The Fourth Season After New Years And Fiish In Like June Or July Or August. And Premiere In Like Janruary Or February

*Then The Season Concert Will Probably Be In February or Something. It Would Be Cool If She Had It On Valentine's Day. She Could Sing A Love Song To Go With The First Episode.

*The First Episode Should Be A Love Episode, Where The Crisis Stuff Reall Starts. They Break Up Cause Jake Was Cheating WIth Like UMMMM MIKAYLA. And Then At The End It Should Be A Sad Love Song Called "Crushed". In The Concert Clip It Should Be Raining Roses And She Should Be Crying While Playing The Guitar As Hannah. The Episode She Be Called "Heartache Over Jake"

*Second Episode Should Be Her Fighting With Lily and Oliver Because of Something REALLY Big. And Then and They Should Makeup In The Next Episode. NO CONCERT CIPS. Should Be Called "Friends or Foes".

*They Makeup In This One. Hannah is Singing A Song Called "Are You Ready" (but take out the inappropiate parts) They Hang Out More And When Lily And Oliver Break Up Miley Starts To Like Oliver And Forgetting His Flaws. Lily Gets Mad At Both Of Them And Oliver Is Scared To Go Near Miley Because She Is So Clingy To Him. Now Oliver and Lily Meet up At The Rico's One Night, by accident and makeup. When Miley Sees Them She Gets Mad And Tells Her She Never Wants To See Them Again. It Should Be Called "I Don't Got Nothin On Me Expect Miley". Which Should Be Like Related To The Song "You Got Nothin On Me" By Demi Lovato.

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HM Season 4
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